Elite Card

Pro Ace Elite Card!

Become a member of an exclusive club!

Be eligible for exclusive discounts and credits—hundreds of dollars of potential savings!

Take all the anxiety out of your HVAC unit installation, maintenance and repair by having a certified company with over 22 years and 80,000 satisfied customers do the work on a regular basis.

Be confident that your regular HVAC service and maintenance is performed with state of the art technology by the most reliable company in the Lower Mainland.


How it works.

When you join the Pro Ace Elite Club, you will receive a membership card for your own use AND 3 keychain cards for your friends and family.

Your card authorizes the following discounts every time is used.

  • All service, maintenance and repair jobs: $20 Discount.
  • Installation of furnace, boiler, AC unit, tankless, or heat pump: $50 Discount
  • Air duct cleaning: $30 Discount
  • Hot Water Tank Replacement: $30 Discount


The Pro Ace Elite Card is good for one year, no matter how many times you use it.

And finally, whenever your friend or relative uses their keychain card, you will receive an additional credit equal to their discount.

For example, if they use their keychain card to replace their furnace, they will get a $50 discount and you will get a $50 credit.

Note: all discounts are on regularly priced jobs.

Pro Ace Elite Card is $15 to $55.  Please ask us for detail.

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